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Why Sound Deaden Installation Manuals?

FatMat Liner Installation
Standard Application Procedure For: FatMat Roof Liners-Floor Liners-Hood Liners

  • Installation Time: Approx 1-2 Hours

  • Installation Tools: Degreasing Agent-Cardboard for Template (Hood Liners Only)Cutting Knife-Roller

How to Install Your FatMat Liner:

Step 1: Remove relevant body trimmings.

Step 2: Clean internal surface of body panel, using supplied Fat Scrub Degreasing Agent.

CAUTION: Moisture will prevent adhesive from proper bonding. Please make sure all areas are absolutely dry!

Step 3
: Apply the supplied FatMat Prior to installing the hood liner. The fatmat is placed under the liner for optimal performance. For floor liner and roof liner installation you can proceed to next step. For installing fatmat please refer to the supplied manual for proper installation of fatmat before applying your hood liner.

Step 4: Measure installation area for proper fitment, cut excess liner prior to installation with supplied cutting knife, a cardboard template makes this process much easier.

Step 5: Now that you have the correct size liner simply peel off adhesive paper backing and install liner on inner surface of body panel.

CAUTION: Avoid touching adhesive with fingers when removing paper.

Step 6: Using supplied roller press firmly on the Acoustic Liner to ensure proper bonding.

Step 7: Reinstall body trimmings.

Our FatMat Liners are constructed from space age heat shielding material and premium acoustical sound dampening products. With proper installation dramatic noise reductions as well as tremendous bass gains can be accomplished. For a complete line of FatMat products please visit us online at: WWW.FATMAT.COM or call us toll free 1-866-4-FATMAT. Our staff is very knowledgeable in the sound deadening industry and can answer all your questions and concerns. Thank you for your continued support as well as helping FatMat become recognized as one of the leaders in the sound deadening industry.

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