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Sick of hearing that engine noise, road noise and city traffic. How about the nasty rattles and vibrations. Did you know that you can eliminate all the above as well as gain tremendous sound quality, imaging and bass with FatMat? We're not just talking about some minor gains here either. You can actually gain 18dB just by installing 1 layer of fatmat in your entire ride. Now that's some serious gains.

What is Fatmat?

Fatmat is a affordable sound deadening solution for everyone. Regardless whether your looking to quite your vehicles noise level, stop nasty rattles and vibrations or just want to make your stereo sound great and slam harder, fatmat can help. Fatmat was engineered with many factors in mind such as weight, smell, thickness and most importantly performance.

  • Weight-Being that this product goes into all types of vehicles the weight factor is a big one. Our products are being used in the race curcuits worldwide for sound reduction & heat reduction. If our product weights to much than that extra added weight will affect the vehicles performance. Same goes true with the street racing industry. People are speanding thousands and thousands of $'s in high performance street legal racing machines. People actually go through different weight reduction stages to improve the vehicles performance. Well with this in mind you can be assured that we took the proper steps in the design to give you the lightest yet best performing deadener on the market. 1 Sq Ft of Fatmat eXtreme weights in at .23 Pounds.
  • Smell-Obviously you don't want to open the door to your ride everday and have it smell like a freshly paved road. Well with fatmat you won't have to worry about this. We have used many different types of compounds to eliminate the need for a strictly asphalt based product, as most other deadeners on the market are, If your looking for a product that contains no asphalt than check out our Rattle Trap which is 100% asphalt free.
  • Thickness-Fatmat is 45 mils thick. This is a great thickness being that it conforms to basically any surface. Fatmat is not stiff and hard to apply, you DO NOT need any heating tools. Its as simply as peeling off the paper release liner and applying the Fatmat. When you are dealing with asphalt based products the thicker the product the worse it confoms. So be careful getting rapped up in those deadeners on the market who offer products that are 60-80mil thick and asphalt based. Granted they may be thicker, but they will give your ride a stentch that will be next to impossible to get rid of as well as the product will not conform and fuse properly. 45mil is a perfect thickness.
  • Performance-Fatmat will eliminate engine, road and ehoust noise in any vehicle. Fatmat will also stop nasty rattles and vibrations as well as make your stereo sound and perform like you never imagined. Fatmat will also insulate your vehicle keeping the cool in on a hot day and the heat in on a cool day. Our products outperform the compititions hands down. It last longer, installs easier, weights less, and sticks like no other. You will be amazed at the results you will achieve with Fatmat Sound Control Products.
Fatmat Bulk Packs
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Choose the bulk pack that best meets your needs

All bulk packages include all the installation tools and instructions needed to perform the proper installation. This includes a rolling tool, cutting tool, concentrated degreasing agent and installation instructions.

Fatmat Kits
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Choose the kit that best meets your needs

Want better sound, more bass, less rattles and distortion? Try one of fatmats specialty kits. You're going to be amazed at the difference it will make in your ride.

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Dynamat Original
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