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The goal of sound deadening is the reduction of distracting or irritating noise rather than "sound proofing" which is to totally eliminate sound, which is next to impossible to do in any vehicle. One of the most critical improvements you can do for a vehicle is to sound dampen it with fatmat sound deadening products. Regardless if you have a Dodge Viper, or a Classic 69 Camaro, all cars will benefit dramatically from installing sound deadener (especially the Camaro). The first thing to understand about sound proofing is that it can never be accomplished in a vehicle. The important thing is that you can reduce the amount of external noise, and vibrations. Fatmat sound deadener will make any car feel like a million dollars. A quieter ride, enhanced stereo, less distraction, heat reduction and an overall more comfortable environment are what you can expect when you fatmat sound deadener in your vehicles. For car audio enthusiasts, this topic is critical. Nothing will lose points faster, or spoil your sound more than a resonating panel, or vibrating frame member.

Today more and more automotive owners are looking for ways to “soundproof” or better yet "sound deaden" their vehicles to diminish unwanted noises from both inside and outside the automobile. Sources of noise in a typical car include floors, hoods, doors, trunck, panels, license plates & tail lights.

Sound Proofing starts with some means of damping. we offer many products for this, and they all have various degrees of effectiveness.....Read More

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